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At Boss, Web Development is more than words. We will implement a plan that makes sense for your company. From the design of your website, to the Search Engine Optimization to increase traffic on your site to providing hosting services for your site, we are working alongside you as a partner.

Your company's success is of greatest importance to us here at Boss Web Works. Decide on Boss for your company's web development needs and elevate your brand.

Seeking Your Web Development Team?

So, you're in the market for a Web Development company? What skills are important in choosing a web developer? Is there a difference between a web designer and a web developer, or are they the same thing?

Let's look at what the specific skills and/or talent that your web provider should have. This way you can more certain of who you're hiring and whether they can build your site to your satisfaction.

What Is A Web Developer?

A web developer is a programmer that builds programs and apps for use on the internet (www). A web developer has the ability to create your website from scratch. They are able to produce custom features and programming code to accommodate the unique needs your company may have. This includes developing site functions, components and layouts to your company's specifications.

What Does A Web Developer Do?

Web development has 3 areas of expertise:

Client-side scripting - This is the code that causes a web browser to display what your customer or client might see when they visit your website.

Server-side scripting - This is code that works in the background on the web server that's hosting your website and provides the framework or foundation for your website to work.

Database technology - Databases help a website to run efficiently providing a smooth experience. Databases can also be build in a custom way to hold specific information such as customer information, email marketing lists, etc.

Some large scale projects may call for several web developers dividing these tasks and working on different parts of the website build.

Hopefully, this short article will help you during your search for the right company to build your website. We, here at Boss Web Works hope to be your choice. We will work hard to build a beautiful, fully functional website that you can be proud of. Give us a call, today to learn more.

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